Monday, October 15, 2012

Once Upon a Christmas - I made the LYB Cycling Team!!

I am so thrilled to be able to design with Little Yellow Bicycle's Once Upon a Christmas collection!! You can see the post here. There is some amazing talent on this team! I can't wait to see what they all create.
There is also a call for the Winterings collection.

I also promised my husband and kids not to sing the worm song (for a few months anyway). "Nobody likes me, Everybody hates me. Guess I'll go eat worms ..." When I miss making a design team I apply for, or sometimes when something I submit for publication is not picked up, I go around singing this song. Hey, I get a few extra hugs then, LOL!!

Thank you Little Yellow Bicycle!!!! Soon I will be stalking the mailman for my package of goodies.


  1. Congratulations!!! hehehe that made me laugh thinking about that song, now I have something new to try when I get denied hehehe! Thanks!

  2. Congrats - can't wait to cycle with you, looks like tons of fun!

  3. congrats!! this looks like an amazing team!! cant wait to start having fun!

  4. Congrats Marcia!!! How exciting!!!
    I had never heard the worm song until just recently! What a cute story!!!


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