Monday, December 14, 2015

JOY - Home Decor Frame

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I recently went to a neighbor's Christmas party and was amazed by all her beautiful Christmas decorations. I counted 23 trees, 7 of which were full size. There was a tree in every room in her house.... yes even the bathrooms. In her living room, she had a framed letter that she wrote to Santa herself circa 1960. Next to it was a framed silhouette portrait of herself when she was about that age. What a neat idea! When I returned home, I looked around at my walls and thought, I need to step up my game here. I needed a framed Christmas print to hang on my wall instead of the usual painting. Not having Santa letters or Silhouettes here is what I came up with using some fabulous products from Clearsnap, my Xyron adhesives, and Imaginisce papers...

The striped paper is from the Imaginisce Happy Traveler collection. I cut the letters out on a diagonal so it would look more like candy cane stripes. Instead of an "O", I decided to create a 3D Star. I wrapped the star with twine and hung a Christmas tag from it to make it more festive. You can see I used my i-Rock to add some red gemstones to the tag. I love how it turned out.

Imaginisce : Pattern Papers (Happy Traveler), Die Cut (Christmas Cheer), i-Rock, Red gemstones
American Crafts: Cardstock
Clearsnap:  Luxe Metallics Cats Eye Pigment Ink Pads (I used Gold Brocade)
Clearsnap Rollagraph Stamp Wheel with Crackle Background
Silhouette Cameo
Jingle Bell

Let me show you how I did it.

Step 1.  The frame I had is a distressed window frame, It had no back, just the glass. I wanted my "JOY" to pop. Not blend into the wall, so I lined the glass with Kraft paper. If you need something bigger than a 12"x12", check out the office supply store. They sell rolls of Kraft paper in the packaging supplies.

Step 2.  I cut the "J" and "Y" out with my Silhouette Cameo and ran the letters through my Xyron 9" Creative Station.

Step 3. I cut the Star out with my Silhouette Cameo. Using the Clearsnap Rollagraph Stamp with the Crackle Background and my Clearsnap Gold Brocade ink, I ink the star panels. There are ink pads that will fit inside the handle, but I just dabbed on the ink and rolled it across my paper.

Step 4.  After running the star panel pieces through my Xyron 9" Creative Station, I adhered them to the Star base. 

Step 5. Embellish the star any way you like. I wrapped some twine around mine and attached a festive Christmas tag.

Step 6. Adhere the "J" and the "Y" in the frame, then using some Xyron Double-Sided High Tack Tape on the back of the star, adhere it to the frame as well.

I love how it turned out!  My husband says we are not going to my neighbor's Christmas party's anymore, lol. He is such a Scrooge!

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