Monday, August 11, 2014

Washi Tape Gift Wrap - Love My Tapes

Hello blogging friends!  I have an awesome Love My Tapes washi tape gift wrap idea to share with you. Did you know that washi tape is a fabulous way to add pizzazz to a wrapped gift. I was headed to a wedding shower last Sunday and thought my gift wrapped package was boring. Plain silver paper and I didn't even have a bow. Then I remembered I had this incredible wedding themed washi tape. Washi tape to the rescue! Take a look at my gift now ...

Want to see how I made that bow?  I thought you would.

1. I applied washi tape to white cardstock and trimmed the cardstock into strips.

2. Glue the strips so you have 3 loops about the same size. You will also need one smaller loop for the top of the bow. 

3. Arrange washi bands on top of each other and put a staple or two through the middle.

4.  Add some twine loops too if you want. Then tape the smaller loop on top.

Well the bride is a scrapbooker and was so thrilled with the gift wrap that she saved the wrapping. That washi tape will peel right off when she is ready to use it on a layout :)  I love my Love My Tapes washi tapes!!!

I hope you will be adding some pizzazz to your own gifts that need wrapping. Have a great week!


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