Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dad - Top Dog Dies Tutorial

Hello blogging friends! Here in Minnesota we are gearing up for the fishing opener. With over 10,000 lakes here you can imagine that this is a big deal. My hubby was sorting through his tackle box to see what he needed and I spotted some lures with feathers on them. I immediately thought of my Top Dog Dies Feather Die Set and thought I could make one of those! Of course I would have to improvise for the hook. With Father's Day looming, I decided to create a card with a fishing theme that I could put my fishing lure on.

I loved what Top Dog Dies guest designer Leigh Penner did with the Top Dog Dies Vest die on one of her cards and decided to do the same for my fishing card. I wanted the vest to look more like a fishing vest though so it needed to have lots of pockets. Kraft cardstock gives it a masculine touch. I also used the Top Dog Dies Typewriter Uppercase set for my simple sentiment. It's the fishing lure that steals the show though.

Top Dog Dies Typewriter Uppercase set
Top Dog Dies Vest die
Top Dog Dies Feather Die Set

Let me show you how you can make a fishing lure too. You will need...

Tim Holtz Memo pins
A long needle nose pliers
Sewing Thread
Top Dog Dies Feather Die Set

1. Die cut some feathers. Using the Needle Nose Pliers, bend the end of a memo pin into a hook.

2. Using a medium length feather, tie it to the hook using the tread.

3. Holding the feather end of the memo pin, start wrapping the thread around the pin, adding feathers behind and in front as you wrap.

4. Tie a slip knot to finish. Trim loose thread and paper from hook. A dab of glue on the back side of the string will keep it from unraveling.

Wish us luck on opening day. Thanks for stopping by.

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