Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homemade - 2015 Resolutions - Imaginisce

Hello blogging friends. I have an Imaginisce layout to share with you, the first for the year as part of the new design team! Our assignment... Create a layout about "New Beginnings". I had a hard time deciding what to scrap with the Imaginisce Family Fun collection. I finally decided on one of my 2015 resolutions.

I am not one to normally make new resolutions for the new year. If you feel something needs to change, why wait for the new year. Do it now! My husband is gluten intolerant (on top of his other food allergies) and I have been preparing gluten free meals for him. But I also have been preparing meals loaded with gluten too for the rest of us. Can you blame me? Have you tasted store bought gluten free bread or crackers? Yuck! It's like eating cardboard. And anything labeled Gluten Free in the store is 2-3 times more expensive. Well, my husband has not been very good at sticking to his diet with all the temptation around. So I am trying to prepare more things that he can eat. I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies the other day and they were good enough my kids did not suspect they were gluten free! I have also been experimenting with bread recipes. I want to be able to make a decent gluten free loaf of bread in my bread machine. I had lots of success with the this bread machine mix I found at Whole Foods. Now to see if I can make one from scratch! The other food resolution I have is to eat green.... I am not talking salads here. Eating green means you are aware of where your food comes from. If your food has to travel half way around the world to get to you what impact does that have on our environment? Eating foods in season and grown locally is much greener for the environment. 

Homemade Bread and with raspberry jelly I made with berries I picked last summer....Umm Ummm! The Family Fun collection has some fabulous die-cuts and stickers for kitchen scrapping.

I used my i-Top to create my own brads and add some dimension to my layout. Super easy to do.

Imaginisce: Pattern Paper, Die Cuts, Stickers (Family Fun collection), 
Imaginisce I-Top, small and medium brad daddies
American Crafts: cardstock

Have you made any 2015 Resolutions? My son just asked me to make more of those gluten free cookies! Wow!!
Have a great week, its almost TGIF!

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